Wooden Anniversary

Wooden Anniversary

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We are more familiar with celebrating silver anniversaries, golden anniversaries, and for the luckiest ones, platinum anniversaries; but there is a tradition (especially in other countries) of celebrating the marital anniversary that takes place when a couple celebrates their fifth year of life together, which is called Wooden Anniversary.

These are one of the memorable moments in a couple’s life. During this time, the relationship has gone through trials and tribulations but has managed to stay strong, like wood that is resilient, durable, and flexible.

The Origin of this Celebration

In ancient times, wood was the primary construction material in most cultures, and it was considered a valuable and meaningful gift. Just like wood, a marital relationship requires constant work and effort to stay strong and enduring. Therefore, Wooden Anniversaries represent the solidity and resistance that the couple has shown during that period.

Gift Ideas

If you decide to have a party for this anniversary, people will have to give you wooden objects as gifts, as well as between the couple.

At HachAzuela, we offer a multitude of unique items with a unique and distinctive character that will delight the moment.

If you love cooking, you can choose from a variety of cutting boards in different woods, oak, walnut, olive in different sizes, with or without a handle… for your daily meal preparation.

Mortars that are small sculptures, with an olive wood base and combined with a banana or olive pestle for preparing different seasonings and pastes.

Bowls of different sizes to prepare a good salad, various pasta dishes, or as a catch-all or centerpiece with beautiful flowers.

And if you are environmentally conscious, there is the possibility of eating on olive wood plates, cutlery, and glasses from the fields of Tarragona, local and sustainable wood.

Handmade vases with artisanal tools to display seasonal or preserved flowers.

Small jewelry boxes made from small logs with one, two, or three drawers to store rings or use as a salt cellar on the table.

For the more adventurous, a pocket knife with an olive wood handle to take on outdoor excursions.

Ergonomic olive wood keychains to carry the keys to your home.

Congratulations to all those couples who have reached their 5th anniversary!

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