Olive Wood

Olive Wood

Olive wood is one of the hardest woods in existence, sustainable, native, and highly durable.

Olive Wood

We cut the logs into planks of varying thickness and let them dry. We dedicate its use to create boards, countertops, tables, cutting boards, mortars, and kitchen utensils.

Properties of olive wood:

  • Noble and contemporary wood
  • Sustainable, as it comes from the annual pruning of rustic estates
  • Hardness, 30% greater than oak
  • High density, 960 kg/m3
  • Antimicrobial
  • Unique and spectacular grain
  • Great aesthetic value
  • Pleasant touch


ach piece is handcrafted and treated with vegetable oil.

No two are the same because we maintain their primitive form to preserve their beauty, which is understood as rustic edges.

We present each of the boards with small rubber feet for added stability.

Olive Wood
Olive Wood