Talia Board


Continuing with the theme of the Rose of Barcelona, we have developed a serving board made of olivón with five compartments and a handle. Ideal for presenting appetizers, assortments, and more.

The measurements are approximate since there are no two identical pieces, and the raw material is highly variable.

We are curious, creative minds deeply committed to recycling. This is how, while walking among olive trees, we wondered, ‘What is done with the olive pit after pressing?’ After studying and researching how to help close the cycle sustainably and reduce the environmental impact, olivón was born.

It’s a compound made from olive pits to obtain a moldable substance.

We are fortunate to have the workshop among olive trees, and the vast majority of our production is olive wood from the rustic estates of farmers.

Not suitable for the dishwasher. Clean with regular water and soap and dry by hand.

Dimensions 30 × 20 cm