Tirso Board


Cutting or presentation board with handle made of olive wood from the annual pruning of the fields in Tarragona. Olive wood is ideal for food use due to its great hardness and durability.

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This board is designed to present food on the table, cheeses, sausages, sushi, breakfast... as it is thin and has a carved handle to facilitate its handling, although being made of olive wood it can also be cut on it.

Each piece is unique, handcrafted while maintaining its natural shapes.

It belongs to the "Coll de dama" collection due to its handle that reminds us of the figs of the same name, and makes it easier to handle when serving on the table.

We sculpt each piece by hand, giving it enough care and time to make it a caress to the touch.

It is advisable to clean with soap and water and dry with a cloth. It is not suitable for the dishwasher

And do hydration maintenance with our own made wax to extend its beauty and durability (available for sale on the web)

Measurements are approximate since no two pieces are the same and the raw materials are highly variable.
Dimensions 40-45 × 18-25 × 1.5 cm
Medida / Mida / Size

Pequeña, Grande