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Olive charcuterie board  for the kitchen o serving


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OLIVE wood board with straight edges from the annual pruning of farmers' fields in Tarragona

Ideal for its size to cut in the kitchen or present food on the table

It is advisable to clean with soap and water, dry with a cloth and apply our homemade wax to keep it hydrated and prolong its beauty and durability.

The measurements are approximate since no two pieces are the same and the raw materials are very variable.

Properties of olive wood:

Olive wood is a wood with a very firm pore, making it ideal for food because it is antibacterial. Being slow growing, it has a density that makes it very resistant and its natural beauty is characterized by its peculiar grain.

The pieces may vary from the model in the photo, since each one is unique.
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm